Sarah and the Dragon

Sarah freezes in place as the horror appears.

Layout 1The monster had been lying in the machine like a cadaver in a coffin. Now it sits up, rising silently from its hips like an automaton. Slowly it turns its head, fixing her with eerily piercing eyes, large, golden eyes almost like saucers yet lit with intelligence. A mouth that would give pause to a tiger opens slightly revealing dagger-like teeth.

Once again Sarah’s heart flutters with apprehension. Her mind demands that she turn and run but her body refuses. She hears someone screaming and several long seconds pass before she knows the screams are her own.

Then something uncanny happens. A calming voice appears in her brain. The words are not sound. They come into her consciousness like sudden vivid memories, yet clearly the product of another mind. The mind of the monster! Words seem to float in her head, as if written in neon.

“Don’t be afraid,” they seem to say and with them come feelings of calm reassurance. The effect is immediate. The words are stilted, somehow archaic, yet they have power, like the speech of a master orator. The feeling of safety rushes back. The screams die in her throat. She stands easily, staring at the apparition sitting up in the box.

Sarah’s first impression is of a thing out of nightmare, a creature so different from anything she’s ever witnessed that it hardly seems possible. Intrigued, she gazes back at its steady, intelligent eyes. As horrible as it appears, this creature has spoken inside her head with a gentle, calming voice.

This is the story of an 18-year-old California girl who meets the original dragon, an ancient alien marooned on earth thousands of years ago. The wise creature, whose name is Dar-Agoné, has been sleeping for a thousand years until an earthquake wakes him to discover that the world has changed. He recognizes Sarah’s potential and accepts her as his student, just as in past centuries he mentored such important figures as Aristotle, The Buddha, Confucius, Plato and Jesus. Soon Sarah finds herself joining in a desperate fight, using her growing powers against an evil force that threatens to bring down civilization itself.

Sarah and the Dragon, a Novel by David L. Brown. Trade Paperback ISBN #9780996608503, 333 pages, approximately 90,000 words. Retail price $12.95. Available on Amazon and soon to be Kindle eBook.